ARK Survival Evolved for only 11 euros on Steam

The release of the first part of the Genesis expansion DLC for ARK Survival Evolved was just over a week ago, and opinions are still very divided. On Steam, the reviews are still mostly negative, in the community the first part of the new Season Pass does not go away well. Nevertheless, the number of players is currently higher than ever, ARK reached a peak of 151,626 players on March 7th. You could already see that the extraordinary dino survival game has a strong fan base from the great anticipation when the release of ARK Genesis was imminent. But how do the number of players and the negative response to the new Season Pass fit together?

Genesis remains below expectations

The fans have been looking forward to ARK Genesis for a long time.After the postponement to the end of February ,the release was eagerly awaited.Unfortunately there were (again) problems with the delivery and the release was delayed many hoursand only gradually splashed onto the computers of the waiting ARK players. At the same time as Genesis was delivered, another update was due, so that two gigantic downloads had to be loaded to finally be able to start the new DLC.While some players could already get an overview,the others waited in vain for their download.That was a bad start, but when the game got the expansion on the last computer, resentment spread again.

The new card looks great and has a lot of eye-catchers, but it has been divided into separate biomes. Most players therefore feel that the play area is small and complain about the lack of freedom. Furthermore, there is a lack of construction space in the areas and an important feature is missing: players cannot fly to flight theaters. There are players who are happy about the new map and the new content, but there are just a lot more negative votes.

ARK Genesis Part 1 Trailer

Freeplay weekend and discount

So: where do the high numbers of players come from? Of course, one can only speculate here, but in addition to the great hype surrounding the eagerly awaited expansion, the free weekend after the release also caused a new rush to the server. Added to this is the really high 80% discount on Steam. You can currently get the basic game for just 10.99 euros. If you buy the ARK: Survival Evolved Explorer’s Edition , you will receive the old Season Pass for 29.43 along with its three extensions ARK: Scorched Earth , ARK: Aberration and ARK: Extinction . By the way, the discount ends in the next few days, so make sure you still apply if ARK is not yet part of your game library and you are interested.

What to Expect from ARK Genesis

While you wait for Genesis to arrive, here’s a quick recap of everything players can expect to enjoy at launch.

  • A new map: This includes an active volcano, a snowy mountain, a low-gravity area, a swampy section and an extensive water biome.
  • HLNA: A talking NPC AI friend that offers missions to players.
  • New Creatures: Like most ARK expansions, there are new creatures for players to find and tame on the new map. There are also variants of existing Dinos too.
    • Astrocetus: A high-level tame whale that floats through the lunar biome.
    • Blade Wasp: Small, aggressive and dangerous in large numbers.
    • Bloodstalker: A large spider-like creature that lives in the bog biome. It traps prey in its web and sucks its blood.
    • Freox: A shoulder creature that transforms into a giant dangerous monster after consuming Element. When large, it can scale cliffs and other vertical surfaces.
    • Giant Tortoise: A massive turtle that functions as a mobile base and grows rare resources on its shell.
    • Magmasaur: Fire creature that becomes stronger near heat. It can swim in lava and has a heat-resistant saddle. It can also smelt metal and other resources.
    • Moeder: An aquatic mini-boss that resembles a large eel.
  • New Equipment: Fishing net, mining drill, Tek Claws, Tek Cruise Launcher, Tek Cruise Missile, Tek Grenade Launcher, Tek Shoulder Cannon.
  • Structures: Metal ocean platform, pressure plate, Tek Alarm System, Tek Jet, Tek Jump Pad, Wooden Ocean Platform.
  • Cosmetics: Corrupted Avatar Boots, Gloves, Helmet, Pants, Shirt.

How can I buy Genesis?

ARK’s Genesis expansion is not part of the game’s initial season pass, which means fans must pay an additional $ 34.99 for the Genesis season pass on all platforms. It can be purchased by clicking on these links for: PS4, Xbox One and PC

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