Apex Legends Update 1.65 patch notes

Update 1.65 has arrived for Apex Legendsand here is the full list of changes and fixes added in this patch.

Although the update itself is available for download and installation and is around 168MB depending on the platform you download it to, the full patch notes are yet to be released by Respawn Entertainment. The War Games events begin tomorrow, so Update 1.65 should mainly contain tweaks and changes that will allow the event to run smoothly.

Apex Legends Update 1.65 patch notes

We’ll keep the article updated when the full list of patch notes is released. However, for now, the War Games event brings the following to Apex Legends tomorrow:

  • Second chance (Tuesday, April 13th – Thursday, April 15th): At the start of the event, this modifier grants every legend a free respawn per match. Once a legend has been killed, a respawn token is consumed to rise from the player’s current location and keep all weapons and equipment. After a short while, the player reappears high in the air to get back into the action.

  • Ultra Zones (Thursday April 15 – Monday April 19): Get ready for multiple Hot Zones on a single map, as well as more epic loot and gold items. Each hot zone is surrounded by a flash point – the huge, glowing bubbles that replenish HP and shields when you stand in them. In this mode, consumables are available as usual in the entire loot pool.

  • Automatic Banners (Monday Apr 19 – Wednesday Apr 21): This modifier allows players to automatically retrieve their Squadmates banner cards by adding a small but flavorful change to Squadmates’ respawn. Players don’t have to loot their death box to get their banner cards – they can simply walk straight to a respawn beacon. Changed the loot pool to include more mobile respawn beacons.

  • Killing Time (Wednesday, April 21 – Friday, April 23): This event speeds up the game when legends fall. During a lap, the lap time is reduced when a legend dies. If a given round is a massacre, the ring will quickly close, so players will need to keep an eye on the round timer in order to survive this modifier.

  • Armor regeneration (Friday, April 23rd – Tuesday, April 27th): After completing the war games, the armor regeneration in this end mode is regenerated over time at a rate of 12 points per second. Whenever players take damage, their armor begins to regenerate after an 8-second delay. This delay is doubled to 16 seconds (down from 8 seconds) when a player’s armor is cracked.

Gameplay changes are meant to be included too, so stay tuned for more. Apex Legends is available for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and Google Stadia. For more information on the game, see official website.

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