Apex Legends Latest Update 1.35, Here are the fixes

Respawn Entertainment released a new Apex Legends update earlier today that will appear as Apex Legends 1.35 update and should be really up to date. As one might imagine from an unspoken patch, this is for repairs and does not carry any new content.A NEW Apex Legends update only available on PS4.

Check out the full list of changes in Apex Legends update 1.35 below.

Apex Legends update 1.35 patch notes and changes:

According to the patch notes shared by Respawn Entertainment, this new update is focused on fixing issues on PS4. The Apex Legends update new update for the game is a hotfix that implements a number of improvements to the playlists and other problems.

Per Respawn Entertainment:

Heads up, Legends: This afternoon, we pushed through a patch for PS4 that addressed the following:

  • Playlist selector defaulting to Trios after coming back from a Ranked game or after switching Legends
  • DPad/cursor menu controls not working after picking up loot
  • Crash fixes

The game is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay tuned to BreakinGameNews for the latest Apex Legends patch notes updates, and content drop news for the game.