Alone in the Dark reboot announced – Gameplay trailer

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THQ Nordic released a game insanity today (08/12) during their digital event, but one of their games caught the most attention. Alone in the Dark will receive a reboot, which took many by surprise, for bringing a style very similar to the Resident Evil remakes.

The game will be developed at the hands of Pieces Interactive, who worked on lesser games. Alone in the Dark is still in the alpha stage of development, but it started in 2019, showing that it already has very considerable quality.

Alone in the Dark reboot Trailer

Return to Derceto mansion in this reimagining of Alone in the Dark, a love letter to the classic ’90s cult horror game. Upon discovering her uncle has disappeared, Emily Hartwood goes looking for him with the help of private investigator Edward Carnby. Arriving at Derceto Manor, a home for the mentally weary, they find strange residents, portals to nightmarish worlds, dangerous monsters, and ultimately, a growing plot of evil and its followers.

A playable teaser, dubbed “Grace in the Dark” and featuring its own original storyline, will be playable at Gamescom 2022 on August 24-28. A prologue to the main game, it will star Grace from Alone in the Dark 2. THQ Nordic hasn’t said if it plans to release this playable teaser outside of the event, but it’s a completely separate story from the main game, so it will likely be released at home.

The story is brand new, written by Mikael Hedberg (Amnesia: The Dark Descent, SOMA) who is also the director. However, many of the characters, themes and places from the original trilogy are present. There are plenty of new monsters to encounter with Guy Davis, known for his collaborations with Guillermo del Toro, contributing to the designs. You can also look forward to a creepy soundtrack courtesy of Doom Jazz legend Jason Köhnen provides eerie and haunting melodies to create a tense, twisted and haunting audio atmosphere.

THQ Nordic has officially announced Alone in the Dark for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC. Visited our site BGN for more news and guides on various games.

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