Advertising Policy

Running a website isn’t free, unfortunately. There are costs involved – including hosting infrastructure, writer, travel and event expenses, coffee purchases – so we’re sorry to say you might see some ads on BreakinGameNews (BGN).

Sponsored Links / Guest Post

Sponsored links are text links on the site, but instead of us having the opportunity to receive a referral fee when people click on them (such as affiliate links), we will receive a fee for simply displaying them on the site (such as display ads). You can think of sponsored links as a mixture of the two.

Like affiliate links, sponsorship of articles has no effect on editorial content. A company or website pays us to display their sponsorship of an article, but this in no way dictates the content of the article. You might be on somewhat related topics — a hardware manufacturer might sponsor a story in the hardware department, for example — but never when there’s a conflict of interest. A publisher cannot sponsor an article or review one of their own games, for example.

Want to advertise with BreakinGameNews (BGN)?

BreakinGameNews (BGN). is a great place to advertise. We believe games are for everyone, and should not target the lowest common denominator. That’s why our style is mature, our content is smart, and our site is smarter and more interesting than our peers; Don’t video games deserve adult coverage?

Didn’t we tell you BreakinGameNews (BGN) was a great place to advertise?

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If you have any questions, inquiries or complaints – whether about this policy or any advertisement in particular – or would like to display your ads on (BGN), please write to us at