7 Best Android App Development Tools to Look Out for in 2022

Android is a best-in-class operating system with massive popularity around the globe. This OS has grabbed the attention of multiple users because of its compelling features like great dynamic media controls, an in-built screen recorder, a helpful power button, and more. 

The market share of Android is 69.71%. Hence, Android is unarguably the most preferred choice, which has resulted in the release of nearly 66,000 applications via the Google Play Store, mentioned by Statista

The Android operating system will continue to dominate the app-building sector because it is accessible to a large population at a reasonable cost. So, hire an Android app development company to build a successful mobile application if you still haven’t.    

The most common factor for developing an Android application is a great set of tools for widespread downloads. That said, here is a list of top Android app development tools that you should consider in 2022 for a profitable business. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Top 7 Android App Development Tools You Should Not Ignore in 2022

  • Android Studio

One of the primary tools for Android app development is Android Studio, backed with advanced features and multiple plugins. This tool is the most reliable app development tool as it provides significant functionality and excellent community support. 

Android Studio has several features like code modifications, troubleshooting, testing tools, a unified environment, GitHub integration, C++ support, and more.

  • Android Debug Bridge

Android debug bridge (aka ADB) is a flexible Android app development tool that facilitates various device actions using ADB commands. In other words, ADB is a line of communication between various Android devices and other computer systems that enable debugging issues. 

The Android debug bridge is a client-server program incorporated with three components- client, daemon, and server. Also, ADB redrafts the hidden settings and enables powerful features by setting up the mobile application in convergence.

  • Android Virtual Device Manager

One of the finest Android app development tools in 2022 is Android Virtual Device (AVD) manager. It is a configuration that lets your Android application simulate on an Android emulator to get a better code look. 

In short, the AVD manager provides an entire history of your work and allows you to modify things as per your requirement. AVD manager has features like a quick boot and compatibility with CTS. 

  • Eclipse

Eclipse is also one of the effective Android app development tools with an independent code environment that builds the mobile application tailor-fitted to business requirements. This tool is specifically used for developing Java applications to benefit the plugins that are a part of the library. 

The persuasive feature of Eclipse is that it supports multiple programming languages that give creative solutions to different problems and let you achieve your desired goals. The latest version of Eclipse is used for projects based on JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and more.

  • Android SDK

The next Android app development tool we have is Android SDK, which develops numerous applications. This tool alone has multiple features for writing, testing, and optimizing the codebases to build a high-performing Android mobile application. 

The kit has excessive tools for developing diverse applications that ease the development process. This toolset is integrated with features like compatible APIs, debugger, or offline maps availability. 

  • Unity 3D

Here comes the most popular gaming tool, and that is Unity 3D. This tool develops high-definition games for Android devices and is accompanied by the combined upgrade requirement to design 2D and 3D games with amazing illustrations, enticing formats, and more. 

Unity 3D consists of an impressive and adaptable animation system used for crafting realistic animations. Lastly, it has a smooth frame rate that offers dedicated performance across the Android platform. 

  • Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL)

Last (but not least) Android application development tool is AIDL. It is a tool that lets users outline the IPC (inter-process communication). 

AIDL has an in-built interface (present in the .aidl file), where several building systems use the aidl binary to build C++ or Java bindings for using the interface across different processes. Moreover, AIDL is only used to execute an SDK API in the platform. 

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, we have mentioned all the top Android app development tools 2022 in this blog that you must consider while developing a mobile application for your business.

You can pick any of the tools depending on your business requirements and goals, and it is guaranteed that your Android app will be successful in Google Play Store. 

Choose wisely!

Author Bio:

Jacob is a digital enthusiast. He enjoys writing informative blogs to share his knowledge & skills in mobile apps development.

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