3 Casino Mini Games Within Popular RPGs

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Role-playing games (RPGs) comprise arguably the most dominant genre in single-player gaming, evolving from its humble tabletop origins into a multiplatform behemoth played by millions of gamers worldwide. This isn’t surprising, according to this IGN list of top 100 RPGs, as they “embrace a rich storytelling tradition as well as deep and engaging gameplay.” They allow players to live out fantasies, like going on exciting missions or building a strong character.

Moreover, game developers are continuously making RPGs even more enjoyable by adding features like mini-games — side activities like puzzles that complement the main game. But for adult-oriented titles, the most popular mini-games are casino games, as they are familiar, age-appropriate, and challenging. So without further ado, check out these three RPGs and their accompanying mini-games:

Blackjack — Fallout New Vegas

The action-packed Fallout New Vegas has a unique add-on that includes playable casino games like blackjack. And now, thanks to mods released by Obsidian, you can make the casino environment more realistic. This extensive list of the best mods for Fallout notes how the Populated Casino mod turns New Vegas’s desolate casinos into crowded places, with the tables filled with players. The table you should probably choose is blackjack, as it’s your best bet to win chips that you can convert to Caps – Fallout’s in-game currency.

Make sure you only play when your “Luck” meter is full, as this is when you’re most likely to win the games. That being said, it’s important to also have a strategy. If you have 17 or higher (a pat hand), you stand pat; if you and the dealer both have 12−16 (a stiff hand), you stand pat, too; and if the dealer has a pat hand and you have a stiff hand, you “hit” (ask for another card). Combine this strategy with playing conservatively and a full Luck meter and you’ll end up with lots of Caps.

Poker — Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open world Rockstar-style game that features several poker games. The first comes early in the mission “Who Is Not Without Sin,” which takes place in Flatneck Station in Chapter 2. There, you’ll find Reverend Swanson at the poker table, and it’ll be your task to replace him in the game and try to win a round of Texas Hold’em poker. This type of poker is the most popular variant in the world, thanks to its fun, exciting, and potentially profitable nature. So, it’s worth a quick look at some rules before you start.

Each player is dealt two hole cards, which they should keep secret from the others. Meanwhile, there are community cards that will be dealt with at the center of the table and can be seen by everybody. A player’s hand rank is determined by the strongest five-card hand they can make using both hole and community cards. After the cards are dealt, players will take turns in placing bets, which the other players can match or not. Once betting is finished, the players will reveal their cards, and the one with the best hand wins the pot.

If you’re having difficulty grasping the rules all at once, the good news is that the first game is always going to be rigged in your favor. However, you’ll need to rely on your own poker skill to win for every game after that! You’ll start by unlocking Flatneck Station, and then you can explore and play poker in Valentine, St. Denis, Blackwater, and Tumbleweed. All of these locations come in the new Red Dead Redemption update, available on PS4, Steam, and PC.

Watch Dogs

The open-world Watch Dogs series features a variety of mini-games, one of the most notable games being slots. The money you win from the slots can be used for actual missions or gear in the game. However, you can only play them in the original Watch Dogs, where they are located in the stadium near Parker Square, inside The Iron Claw Bar in Mad Mile, and in Brewsed Up in The Wards.

Curiously, there are no more slots playing in Watch Dogs: Legion. However, slots are still a source of funds (e-tokens, specifically) in the sequel, as you can just hack the game’s three slots variants — StrikeZone, UltraTesla, and DemonRider — for instant rewards. The hackable StrikeZone slots are located at the Sway San Pub, on the outskirts of May Stadium. The other two, meanwhile, are found at The Iron Claw in Mad Mile and at Brewsed Up in The Wards (as in the original).

So, if you’re looking for RPGs that offer tales of adventure, skill, and strategy, be sure to try out any (or all!) of the games listed above. You will certainly enjoy them, and who knows? Maybe you’ll use this newfound experience to try your hand at real-life too!

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